Blood Orange Jelly

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January 28, 2013 by dgarnett2013

Blood Orange Jelly: Rory O’Connell


I have two jelly moulds:

One holds 500ml, so I use about 6-7 oranges, make 330ml of juice/ syrup mix and 4 gelatine leaves (and left over juice mix is sauce to dribble over)

The other holds 900ml, so I use about ten oranges (plus squeeze two lemons), 650ml of juice/ syrup mix and 8 gelatine leaves.

  • 6 (ish) oranges (or mix of any citrus fruit – normal oranges, clementines etc), amount depends a bit on how big your jelly moulds.
  • 1 lemon – juice of only
  • 250ml of ‘stock’ syrup (ie mix together 175ml water and 170g sugar and slowly bring to the boil, then let simmer for 2 mins and cool.)
  • 1 teaspoon Grand Marnier (optional)
  • 4 gelatin leaves (this is using the brand Costa which seem most available)
  • Bowl of water to dissolve gelatine leaves in.


  • Left over juice/ syrup mix which can be supplemented if little left over by just squeezing an extra orange/oranges.

Line the largish mould or moulds with cling film or brush with tasteless oil eg sunflower or groundnut or grapeseed oil.

Grate the rind from two of the oranges very carefully on a stainless steel grater, making sure you don’t grate down to the pith.

Peel (with a knife) and Segment all six oranges (or however many you need). You want to avoid all skin, white bits, even the skin/ film that holds in the actual segments. Do this over a bowl so that you catch all the juice that comes out of the oranges as you do this, plus squeeze any bits of orange still attached to skin etc.

oranges2 oranges3

Juice the lemon

Mix together all juice from oranges, with lemon juice, zest, grand marnier (if using) and syrup.

Mix well. Then strain the liquid off the oranges and measure the liquid.  330ml needs 4 gelatine leaves and the remainder is kept aside for the sauce.


Soak the gelatine for about ten mins in a bowl of cold water till dissolved. Then squeeze them to get rid of as much water as you can.

Dissolve the soaked gelatine into the mix – I do this by putting gelatine and a little of the syrup/ orange mix into a saucepan on a very low heat (you don’t want to cook the gelatine, just dissolve it), then adding the rest of the orange/ syrup mix. Always add cool mix into warm gelatine rather than other way round otherwise lumps occur.

Add the orange segments and fill into mould/ moulds.

Put into the fridge and allow 5-6 hours to set (longer if using larger moulds).

To make the sauce:

Measure the remaining orange liquid and add more freshly squeezed orange juice if you don’t have enough to pour over the jelly when it is unmoulded. Taste and sweeten if necessary.

Add 2 tabs of freshly chopped mint (optional)

To serve:

Unmould the jelly. If using cling film this is easy (I now always do). If not, either create air pocket by sliding knife into side of jelly or putting mould into hot water for a few moments (not too long or jelly will melt!).

Blood orange season coincides with forced hyacinth season.

hyacinths hyacinths2

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