Chicken and Lemon Couscous

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May 7, 2013 by dgarnett2013

Chicken and Lemon Couscous: Nigel Slater in The Observer. Adapted by DG. 


Serves 2

  • couscous – 150g
  • stock (vegetable stock is fine) – about half a litre
  • chicken breasts – 2 large
  • aubergine – 1 large
  • fresh mint – 20g
  • coriander – 15g
  • fresh lemon – 1
  • spring onions – 4
  • olive oil

Put the couscous in a mixing bowl. Bring the stock to the boil and pour over the couscous. It should cover the grains by a couple of centimetres or so. Leave until the couscous has absorbed the liquid.

Oil and season the chicken and grill it on both sides until it is golden. It should still be tender inside. I like to do this either on a ridged grill pan or over the bars of a grill, but it is good enough cooked under an overhead grill. Set the chicken on one side to rest a little.

Slice the aubergine thinly and grill it on both sides. Remove from the heat and dress it immediately with olive oil. Remove the mint leaves from their stems and chop them roughly, then do the same with the coriander. Fold them into the couscous, along with the juice of the lemon.

Season with a generous grinding of salt and black pepper.


Divide the couscous between two large plates. Slice each of the grilled chicken breasts into about five thick pieces then lay on top.

Eaten on the first properly hot day of the year.

couscous5 couscous6 couscous7

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