Rosé jelly

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September 27, 2014 by dgarnett2013

Rosé jelly: A Change of Appetite by Diana Henry


Great with poached white peaches.

Serves 6


  • groundnut oil or other flavourless oil, for the moulds
  • 16g or 9 small sheets of leaf gelatine
  • 175 granulated sugar
  • 475ml rosé wine


Lightly oil six 150ml pudding moulds.

Cover the gelatine with some cold water and let it soak until it is completely soft.

Gently heat the sugar in 200ml water of water until it has dissolved. Take off the heat. Wait until the syrup is hand-hot, then lift the gelatine out if its water and squeeze out the excess liquid.

Add the syrup mixture and stir until the gelatine has completely melted, then pour in the rosé wine. Divide the jelly between the moulds, cover and refrigerate until set.

To unmould the jellies, dip the moulds very briefly – for only about 4 seconds – in very hot water. Invert each on to a plate and give it a good shake; the jelly should slide out.

Made on Equinox – the first day of Autumn.



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